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Sports Betting Advice

Most forms of gambling simply cannot be profitable in the long run. Sure, the occasional lucky shmuck will hit it up big at the casino, but it’s just that: luck. If you’re looking to actually turn a profit gambling, one of your best bets is sports betting.

Yes, there are people who actually make money in sports betting. They claim that all of the major sports can be wagered upon to earn a decent living while also giving them that risky action they are looking for. I must caution you, however, that there are a lot more people who get into sports betting big time that lose all their money (especially if they become addicted) than there are people who actually earn any money. There are even fewer people who make decent money. The bottom line? You have a better bet going into it with the spirit of fun, without getting carried away in trying to chase the high of your first win or following wins (yes, psychological studies have confirmed this is what gamblers do).

With this in mind, here's some sports betting advice. We’ll take a look at the major sports, the wagering rules for each one, and what research you must do to place a smart bet.

Football Betting

The most popular form of sports betting in America has got to be football betting. Almost every fan does it at some point, whether it’s a few hundred dollars or a few beers being bet with some friends.

In football, what is known as a “point spread” is used. You’ll be betting on not only who will win, but by how much. The fee for making a bet is usually ten per cent. This means that for a $100 bet, you will lose $110 if your bet loses, and you’ll win $100 if it wins.

You may either “lay the points” with the Favourite in the game, or “take the points” with the Underdog. But only do this with well established, reliable SportsBooks with good reputations. Make sure to look around to make sure they are well known and have been around for awhile.

What do you need to know to bet on football? You need to take a look at the weather, the injury roster reports, and you need to develop a skill in watching “line movement” This is how and how much the rest of the public is wagering on each team. You’ll also need to take a close look at past performance of the teams and get to know the coaches and their past performance. Past performance certainly is not everything, however.

Basketball Betting

Betting on basketball is very similar to football betting. A point spread is used and the vigorish (the fee for making the bet) is usually ten per cent. The big difference is that basketball season lasts several months and games are usually played every day.

This spread out season along with the large number of games can be dreadful for your bankroll if you’re not careful. You’ll need patience and you’ll need to learn how to manage your money carefully. Being a daily event, injury reports and player status are even more important. In football, the player may have a week to recover from a game, but not in basketball.

Baseball Betting

Baseball uses what is known as a “money line” in its sports betting system, or the odds for each game. In wagering on baseball, you lay or take odds instead of points. Also generally available for each game is a “runs line” which is similar to the point spread.

This line has a reduced odds play vs. the money line, but the favorite has to win by more than one run. If you wager on the Underdog in baseball using the runs line, the odds will be less in the bettor’s favor, but your team can lose by more than one run and you can still win your bet.

Since baseball also lasts for several months and includes daily games, it also requires great patience and keen money management. Injury reports and player status for each game also become very important.

Hockey Betting

This is similar to baseball betting. You either use a “puck line” or a money line. In a rough game like hockey, getting up to the minute information is critical so you can be aware of which players will be in the line up for a particular game.

And, whether it’s hockey, or any other sport we’re talking about, it’s always important to keep an eye on the trends that develop for particular teams. Such trends might include the tendancy for the team to win at home games or on the road, or during out of conference play, or to lose when they don’t get much rest, etc. There are a number of other factors to keep in mind for all sports wagering as well.

Sports Betting in General

All sports wagering involves what are known as a “Totals line”, which is the total points that are scored between both teams playing. It is possible to wager on the “Over” or “Under” of each game on this line. This basically means that instead of betting on one team, you’re betting on a high or low scoring game. Stated a different way, you’re betting on whether it will be a defensive or offensive game. For this bet, you’ll need to compare the past histories of the teams as to whether they each have a tendency to play offensively or defensively, especially against one another.

Some Other Tips

It’s always a good idea to place your bets on good teams that have been showing pride and emotion in their games. Of course, this means you’ll want to bet against teams who haven’t been showing any emotion and don’t have anything to shoot for.

Another important thing not related to the actual teams, is how many bets you are placing overall. In sports betting, it is extremely important not to get carried away. The more betting you do, the less likely you are to win those bets, as your approach will be unfocused and undisciplined. Some serious sports gamblers know that you shouldn’t place more than one bet a day unless there’s a good reason for it, and you should definitely not exceed three games a day for any reason. More importantly, however, you have to learn to manage your bankroll and not wager more than you can afford to lose. More than a few people have gotten caught up in sports wagering, only to find themselves in heavy debt, chasing to get their money back and doing even more damage to their credit.


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