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Gambling Addiction

Do you feel you might be gambling too often, or are at risk for becoming addicted to gambling? Below are 10 questions from the US National Council on Problem Gambling to ask yourself in determining if you might have a problem.

  1. Have you often gambled longer than you had planned?
  2. Have you often gambled until your last cent was gone?
  3. Have thoughts of gambling caused you to lose sleep?
  4. Have you used your income or savings to gamble while letting bills go unpaid?
  5. Have you made repeated, unsuccessful attempts to stop gambling?
  6. Have you broken the law or considered breaking the law to finance your gambling? 7. Have you borrowed money to finance your gambling?
  7. Have you felt depressed or suicidal because of your gambling losses?
  8. Have you been remorseful after gambling?
  9. Have you gambled to get money to meet your financial obligations?
If you or someone you know answers yes to any of these questions, you should strongly consider seeking assistance from a professional.

These are other symptoms of a person with a gambling problem, from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Canada. You could be at risk if:
  1. You try to win back your losses (chasing).
  2. You gamble to cope with loneliness, depression, boredom or stress.
  3. You gamble more and more money.
  4. You gamble more and more often.
  5. You gamble while experiencing financial troubles.
  6. You believe in the big win.
  7. You have an early big win or believe that you are on a “winning streak”.

Myths About Gambling

Gambling is an easy way to make money.
No way. Although some people may win, over time, you will always lose more than you win.

I’ve lost for awhile. If I persist, I’m due for a win.
Definitely not true. What happened before has no effect on the next game. Chasing your losses will always lead to more losses.

I will win because I am experienced at this game: I can predict what will happen.
No. Although some games have an element of skill, the element of chance is so hight that winning is unpredictable.

I just know I am going to be lucky.
No. These are just “feelings” inspired by false hope – they have nothing to do with whether or not you will win.

Gambling is a solution to my problems.
No way. Gambling can be a fun leisure activity. Spending a lot of money or time on it will create more problems than it solves. Any addiction will stop working for you in covering your problems eventually, leaving you in deeper trouble than when you began.


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