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Ever since humans have been wearing clothes, building homes and organizing themselves into agricultural communities, they have been gambling. Indeed, for quite some time there has been a school of thought suggesting that humankind’s inherent risk-taking must be some sort of Darwinian trait related to a deeply ingrained survival mechanism.

This ingrained risk-taking trait is no doubt what has brought you here, to the Internet’s premier site for gambling advice. At, we focus on reducing the risk associated with gambling. From blackjack to poker, you’ll find all of the gambling advice you need on any of the popular (and some less popular) casino games. You’ll also find unique articles giving you insights into these games that you won’t find anywhere else, and information on entering the online gambling world for the first time.

So check out our Gambling Advice sections in the menu to the right and learn basic and advanced strategies for your chosen game. Also, swing by our Gambling News section to keep up to date on what’s going on in the gambling world so you’ll be on top of the gossip when you hit the casinos. And explore the navigation on the right to learn more about what our site has to offer.

We encourage responsible gambling at, so if you need any help keeping your risk taking instincts in check, do not hesitate to visit our Gambling Addiction section to learn the truth about how an impulse to gamble can get out of control and get some advice on what you can do about it.


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